Whisky Magazine Photo Challenge

GET FOCUSED - It’s time to enter the 2016 Whisky Magazine Photo Challenge

Presented by Whisky Magazine

We were overwhelmed by the quality of the entries for last year’s photo challenge and we are now opening up the 2016 competition. Some of the outstanding results are shown on these pages which we hope will give you inspiration and spur you into action.

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With the vast number of different ways of capturing an image available out there, whether you are are using a phone or the latest digital camera, capturing that precious moment on film or digitally is never easy. You can read all the ‘How to’ books, visit photographic exhibitions or see stunning shots in the newspaper – but it’s down to you to recognise that precise moment.

All we ask is that photos are of a suitable size and at 300dpi. Good luck!

The closing date for entries is April 30, 2016.




Judging criteria

Photographic Format